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3 Reasons To Use Span-A-Year Calendars As Marketing Tools

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Maintaining profits in today's competitive business landscape can be challenging. It's important that you leverage all of your marketing budget to help you hold your position against your competitors. 

Although calendars might seem like an old-school item, span-a-year calendars can be a great marketing tool. Learn more about the ways your company can benefit from investing in promotional calendars to use in your future marketing efforts.

1. Span-a-Year Calendars are Useful

The best marketing tools are those that get used on a regular basis. The more a consumer uses a promotional item, the more they will be exposed to your marketing message.

Calendars have a lot of value for consumers. In fact, 82% of consumers say that they enjoy receiving a free calendar as a gift. This means that the promotional span-a-year calendars that you print for your business will likely end up on the wall at a consumer's home or place of business.

The number of times that a calendar will be viewed over the course of a year is staggering, which means that your cost-per-impression is incredibly low when using span-a-year calendars as a marketing tool.

2. Span-a-Year Calendars are Easy to Customize

You want the promotional items that you pass out to consumers to reflect your company's personality. A span-a-year calendar can easily be customized to achieve this goal.

You can incorporate striking photography into the design of your calendars. You can include tear-away coupons around the outer portion of the calendar to add value for consumers. You can even choose whether you want your calendar printed in large format, or on magnetic material so it can be hung on a fridge.

The options for customization are seemingly endless with a span-a-year calendar. Take advantage of these options to create a marketing tool that will successfully promote your marketing message.

3. Span-a-Year Calendars Promote Future Events

Does your business host annual events that consumers should attend? If so, you can use your span-a-year calendars to promote these events at no additional charge. Simply add your special events to the applicable dates before printing your calendars.

Consumers will be reminded of these events each time they check their calendars, eliminating the need to invest as much in advertising for each of your events.

You should find that attendance and awareness both increase when your special events are pre-printed on promotional span-a-year calendars that you pass out to consumers.