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Key Tips When Choosing a BAS for a New Building Being Developed

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If you're developing a building for particular work operations, it's a good idea to incorporate a BAS (building automation system) into its design. Then you'll be able to better control different systems like heating and cooling units. Choosing one of these systems at the beginning of building development won't be a challenge if you take these steps.

Talk to Specialty Engineers When Going the Custom Route

If you're thinking about having a BAS customized as opposed to buying something standard, you want to make the right design decisions. You can if you bring a BAS engineer into this design process early on and gather their input on key elements.

They'll help you design a building automation system that's simple to set up, effective at automating various systems, and easy to manage going forward. They can also help you comply with building automation regulations as well as stay within a specified budget. 

Make Sure Metric Sensors Are Reliable

Sensors are a pivotal component for any BAS in a building because they're going to monitor various metrics and thus provide you with key data. That's paramount in seeing how different systems in your building are performing, whether it be an electrical system or an HVAC unit.

You just need to make sure these sensors are reliable and can remain this way for a long time. Then you won't have to second-guess how your BAS works or the type of information it provides at key intervals in the year. 

See Different Systems Run in Real-Time

You'll have a clear picture of what a building automation system offers when you see it perform in real-time. You'll get to see what type of systems it can control and how it makes them easy to manage long-term. You just need to find a way to view different BAS models in person.

A manufacturer may set up a demonstration facility or you can reach out to partners that already have a BAS set up in their building. You'll then see functionality and performance potential for a period of time, making it easier to choose the right BAS. 

There are a lot of great things that come with equipping a BAS inside a building, such as being able to easily control various systems. As long as you take this investment seriously and make sure the right elements are assessed thoroughly, you'll get a BAS that performs up to your expectations.