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Make the Job Easier: Why You Need Hydrovac Services for Your Winter Excavation Projects

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If you run a construction company, winter projects can be painfully difficult, especially where excavation is concerned. It's nearly impossible to dig through frozen soil using normal methods. That's where hydrovac services come into the picture. Hydrovac is a system that uses pressurized water to liquefy and cut through the toughest locations, even soil that's been frozen solid. As the soil is liquefied, it's removed by an industrial-strength vacuum unit, which means there's no mess to worry about. Here are four reasons why you need to rely on a hydrovac for your winter excavation projects. 

Protection of Underground Pipes

If you're going to be excavating this winter, you need to make sure that the underground pipes are protected. You can't always do that with normal excavation equipment. Ordinary trenching equipment can be difficult to control during the winter, especially in frozen soil. Unfortunately, that can lead to damaged underground pipes and lines. Because a hydrovac uses pressurized water, there's no risk of damage to underground pipes or lines. 

Accuracy of Trenches

If you need to excavate during the winter, your trenches might not be as accurate as you need them to be. That's because frozen soil is difficult to cut through. Unfortunately, if your trenches aren't accurate, you might not get the construction results you need. This is especially true when digging trenches for new home construction, or well drilling projects. Accuracy is one benefit of choosing hydrovac services for your excavation this winter. Because high-pressure water cuts right through the soil, all your trenches will be perfectly measured and excavated. 

Speed of Process

When you're on a tight schedule, you can't afford delays, especially where excavation is concerned. Excavation delays can slow down the entire project. Unfortunately, delays increase the cost of your construction projects, which eats away at your profits. Delays also interfere with customer satisfaction. To avoid the costly delays and issues with customer satisfaction, use hydrovac services for your winter excavation projects. 

Safety of Personnel

When it comes to owning a construction company, crew safety must be at the forefront of your concerns. If your crew members suffer on-the-job injuries, work slows down and morale takes a hit. Not only that, but your insurance rates also go up. With ordinary excavation equipment, winter work injuries are a serious threat. But, when you use hydrovac services for your winter excavation projects, you provide a safer work environment for your crew. 

If you have excavation projects planned this winter, consider hydrovac services for your projects.