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Benefits Of Unflavored CBD Pet Tinctures

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Much like humans, pets can benefit from CBD in a variety of ways. This unique natural substance does not contain THC and can be very helpful for helping keep your pet calm, limit the amount of pain that they experience, and even manage the number of seizures that they have. If your dog or cat suffers from a chronic health condition, there may be clear advantages to asking your veterinarian if adding an unflavored CBD pet tincture to their diet is a good idea. CBD tinctures can help treat the following symptoms and conditions in your pet: 

Anxiety and Stress 

Animals that suffer from separation anxiety, or that become highly stressed or anxious in specific situations may find relief from CBD tinctures. Often these supplements help calm your pet down, so that they can relax instead of pacing anxiously, urinating from stress, or vomiting due to anxiety. A dog or cat that's dealing with the symptoms of separation anxiety can cause quite a lot of damage to your property or to their own health, so being able to get these symptoms under control safely and easily can be quite the relief for overwhelmed pet owners. 

Chronic Inflammation 

CBD can also help reduce inflammation, helping to alleviate moderate to severe pain. This can help your pet feel more comfortable, limiting the amount of discomfort they're experiencing due to arthritis and other joint conditions. This type of pain can make your pet short-tempered and anxious, so lowering the discomfort is an important part of helping restore them to their usual cuddly temperament. If you'd like to be able to help your pet feel more comfortable without resorting to heavy pain medications, this may be a good option to try. 


If your pet experiences seizures, CBD tinctures can help with this as well, lowering the number of seizures that they have over the course of a year. Beef CBD tinctures or unflavored tinctures makes it easy to administer the supplement to your pet so that you can help control their symptoms safely from home. If you'd like to try a natural supplement before resorting to seizure medications, consider trying CBD supplements under your vet's supervision. 

There are a variety of health issues that your pets may suffer from that can be treated with CBD tinctures. These supplements can help your pet feel calmer, alleviate pain, and control a variety of other symptoms. Contact a local supplier today to learn more about how to get started.