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What Information Does An Accident Lawyer Need?

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After you've been injured in an accident, it becomes important to respond to your injury quickly. You need to be able to connect with an accident lawyer, but you also need to provide them with the information they need to make a determination about your case. 

Your Case Number

In addition to your police report, you will also need the case number of the official police report. Your lawyer will be able to use this to get more information from the police regarding your accident. Having your case number is important; it lets you check in on the status of your case with the police. Further, you need to have a police report. If you haven't filed one yet, you should file one now.

Your Medical Records

Your medical records are going to be a significant portion of your damages. In general, when you sue someone regarding an accident, you're pursuing financial reimbursement for your "actual damages." Actual damages are the amount that you've spent on medical costs and your property repairs, and the amount that you're expected to need to put towards these costs in the future.

Your Photos and Videos

After an accident occurs, you should take photos and video immediately. Make sure you cover every part of your car and the car that hit you, along with the area around it. If you're injured, take photos of your injuries, both the day before and the day after. Often, injuries such as bruises don't fully emerge until the next day, so they may not be visible just after the accident. Your accident lawyer can review these to make some fast determinations about your case.

Your Witness Statements

If other people saw the accident, make sure to take statements from them, as well as their contact information. The police report will have written witness statements, but you may want the contact information of the witnesses for your case, as well.

Your Bills

Along with your medical records and photos, bring your actual bills with you. That includes bills from your auto repair shop, your doctors, and more. Additionally, you should contact your employer if you need documentation of having missed work or lost wages. Your lost wages can also be reimbursed through an accident lawsuit, if the other party is found to be negligent. 

If you go down to your accident attorney with all these things in hand, they'll be more likely to be able to give you solid advice. Create a binder with the above information, and you'll be on your way to finding an accident attorney that can help you.

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