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Launch Your New Event With A Keynote Speaker

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Are you trying to get a brand-new event off the ground? Are you hoping for your event or convention to turn into an annual gathering? If so, you might want a little help making sure the first one is a success. While you can certainly focus on things like catering, security, and cleanliness, people tend to respond best to new events if there is a big name attached. Here's how working with keynote speaking talent agency can help you.

Get the Audience Through the Door

The hardest part of launching a brand-new event or convention is often just getting enough people through the gate for the first day. If you can hire a well-known celebrity or speaker to headline your event, you will get people showing up even if they aren't interested in the rest of the event at first. A keynote speaker is essentially someone who can help you recruit potential customers for the rest of the convention. The speaker gets people through the door and then it's your job to sell the people on everything else you have to offer while they are there.

They Will Promote For You

If you are truly a brand-new event, you might not have a ton of money for advertising. There's also no guarantee your ads will even work because you've never tested them before. Instead of spending cash on a bunch of advertising that might not work, put that money towards the biggest keynote speaker you can get instead. 

Most keynote speakers enjoy promoting themselves. That's probably one of the reasons why they started speaking in the first place. This means that once they are signed up, it's entirely possible that you could get some extra publicity just from being associated with the speaker. Perhaps you'll get your event tweeted out to their thousands or even millions of followers. Maybe they'll do a quick live stream to a social media account letting all of their fans know where they are. 

It Will Feel Like a "Real" Event

Most people are going to be hesitant when hearing about an event that doesn't yet have a proven track record. But once you attach a big name to the event, it can feel much more credible: "If so and so is going to speak at this event, it must be legitimate." This could help you get more local sponsors or advertising space in your local community because you will seem legitimate from the start.

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