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Adding V-Ray To Your Architectural Toolkit

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If you're in the architecture business, you always need to be getting an edge. This is an industry that is growing at a rate of about 6 percent each year, and you can set yourself apart by staying up to date with the right tools, software, and practices that are in demand. In this regard, you should get your hands on the Autodesk 3DS Max software, in addition to plug-ins like V-Ray. This way you'll create an advantage for yourself and can upgrade your value to the industry. 

Read below to learn more about how you can use the V-Ray plug-in to your benefit, in addition to other ways to make yourself more useful in the field. 

Get the latest version of Autodesk 3DS Max along with the V-Ray plug-in, and learn them like the back of your hand

Without a doubt, learning Autodesk 3DS should be a heavy priority for your architectural career. The renderings that this software can create are second to none and you will be champing at the bit to find new and different ways to utilize it. It can help you take your efforts to the next level and will ensure that you're always giving clients a clear representation of the type of architectural details that matter the most. 

For example, you can use this software to give photorealistic wood flooring presentations and to create shading effects with lighting. These little details go a long way, but it will take some trial and error lots of patience as you learn to get the hang of the software and its plugins. Give yourself lots of time to learn the software before you decide to go live using it as part of your business. This way, you are able to work out the kinks and will be better able to offer presentations once you are ready.

Continue your education and make sure your company makes V-Ray training a priority

After you get the basics down, take every opportunity to engage in modules, take courses and binge on training videos. It's not the kind of software platform that you learn overnight and will take some serious effort no matter how you slice it. The payoff is worth it because learning V Ray 3DS Max gives you the chance to get some of the fastest architectural rendering around, while also providing you access to loads of options and a detailed resource library. 

Use these points to get the most out of your architectural career by using V-Ray.