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Shopping For A Gun Safe? Consider These Different Types

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Whether you've recently bought your first firearm or you've just inherited a sizable collection, your first priority should be to buy a gun safe so that you can keep the weapon(s) locked up. Storing your firearm in a gun safe prevents your children or visitors to your home from accessing it and prevents the weapons from potentially falling into the hands of a criminal if your home were ever to be burglarized. When shopping for a gun safe, there are a number of different types that could suit you. Here are some different styles to consider.

Cabinet-Style Safe

A cabinet-style gun safe is the type of safe that many people think of when they think of a gun safe. It is tall and heavy, much like a traditional metal cabinet, and extremely difficult to move. This type of gun safe is often used by people with rifles and shotguns, although it can be fitted with shelves to make it suitable for those with handguns, too. This isn't the type of gun safe that can effectively be hidden in your home — its sheer size makes doing so difficult. However, the heavy weight of this safe means that it's very difficult to move, so you don't have to be overly concerned that burglars will be able to carry it out with them.

Hidden Safe

If you just have one or two handguns that you wish to keep in a safe and you want them to be hidden in your home, a hidden safe is the way to go. These safes are designed for handguns and their small size makes them ideal to hide with a little bit of work. For example, this is the type of safe that you might hide in the wall of your home behind a painting, after cutting a hole in the drywall and placing a small shelf between the wall studs.

Quick Access Safe

If you're primarily keeping your handgun for self-defense, rather than strictly owning it as a collector, you'll want to get a safe that allows you to retrieve the firearm easily. Quick access gun safes are available in several styles, and many have a hand-shaped area on the top that will recognize your fingerprints and quickly pop open the door for you. These gun safes can be mounted to the underside of a desk, the side of a bedside table, or any other such areas in which quick access is necessary.