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Turn Your Apartment Patio Into A Private Garden Oasis

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Living in an apartment has a lot of beneficial qualities to take advantage of, such as having management and repairs taken care of for you and dealing with less maintenance than homeowners are typically faced with. But when it comes to enjoying time outdoors while maintaining your privacy, apartment living can be a bit troublesome. Luckily you can create your own private garden oasis on your apartment patio, porch, or balcony, effectively extending your apartment's overall personal space to enjoy. Here's an easy way to get started:

Put up a Privacy Screen

The best way to ensure privacy and establish your patio as a personal yard is to install a faux ivy privacy screen around the perimeter of your space. A faux ivy privacy screen is eco-friendly and can be cut to provide a custom fit for your specific space. Just attach it to the roof and floor framing of your patio, porch, or balcony to create garden walls of privacy that need minimal maintenance and no watering or fertilizing to maintain a fresh, vibrant look. By installing your faux privacy screen in pieces, you should find that damaged areas are easy and cost effective to replace without having to take the entire faux wall down. For more information on faux privacy screens, go to websites like the one linked to here.

Add Color and Texture

Once the privacy screen is installed around your space, it's important to spruce things up with color and texture in order to create an environment you'll enjoy spending time in on a regular basis. Color has the ability to positively affect your mood, and texture makes things cozy so you can relax and relieve tension.

When it comes to color, consider painting the trim if your landlord will allow you to. Otherwise, you can introduce color through the textural implementations you choose. For example, you can use throw rugs featuring abstract designs and pastel colors or paint the side tables and chair legs that you introduce to the space. Using colorful throw pillows and tapestries are also awesome ways to introduce texture. When choosing your color scheme, consider the following options:

  • Blue helps keep blood pressure levels low and helps create a calming, stress-free atmosphere.
  • Red invokes excitement and tends to raise energy levels.
  • Yellow encourages happiness and provides an uplifting feel.

You can stick to just one color within your scheme or infuse two or three of them into the overall design. But be aware that using too many colors at once can confuse the eye and mix the messages that you're trying to convey within your space.

Implement Garden Elements

To finish off your personal garden oasis it is essential to implement a variety of plants and a water feature into the space. The plants you introduce will provide extra color and depth – some plants like the Boston fern, peace lily, and weeping fig will even help filter the air so you can breathe easier. You can even grow food plants, such as tomatoes and zucchini, in your personal patio.

Place the plants on shelves and tables around the space and you'll feel like you are in a private garden that's away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday busy life. It's also a good idea to introduce a small water feature, like a fountain, on a table in your space. Like plants, tabletop fountains help to filter the air and keep your skin from chapping in dry weather. They also happen to aid in relaxation as well as stress relief.

Once you've completed these steps, you can personalize the space with décor made up of things such as vacation memorabilia, family photos, and artistic nick-knacks.