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4 Relatively Harmless Spiders You Might Find In Your Home

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When it comes to your home, there are many pesky pests that you might find in and around your place of residence. Lucky for you, the vast majority of spiders you find in your home are not only harmless but they serve to control the population of other pests that you will find crawling around spaces like your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about 4 of these relatively harmless spiders that you just might find in your home.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are among the most common, non-aggressive spiders you will find crawling around your place of residence. Wolf spiders are moderate to large sized spiders that some confuse with tarantulas, due to the fact that they both have a hairy torso area. Wolf spiders tend to be found in all sorts of areas, though they prefer the dark and are often found living under rocks in your lawn or under your crawl space in your home. It is often recommended that you keep a wolf spider as a pet, as not only are they non aggressive beasts, but they tend to be quite friendly towards humans who offer them a friendly demeanor. Although their bite can be venomous, it is rare that you will be bitten, and a bite is not lethal. 

Sac Spiders

Sac spiders are small to medium sized spiders with a light yellowish, almost bordering on white or beige, tint to them. Sac spiders tend to be found in foliage and can also be found in cupboards in homes. If you do find them in your home, it is recommended that you let them be, as they tend to only hunt during the nighttime hours – a prime hour for pesky pests to come out of hiding in your home, such as roaches, which sac spiders love to feast upon – and, during the daylight hours, they tend to hide themselves in a silken sac, from which they take their common name. They do bite, but severe medical reactions to a bite are rare

Fishing Spiders

If you live near any swamps, ponds, or even rivers, then you may find yourself finding a few fishing spiders in your home. They are most common to areas in Southeast and Midwest America and are quite the friendly little beasts. They are one of the largest spiders that you can find in the upper Midwest; when their legs are spread, they can cover an area of upwards of 4 inches. They are dark colored, usually a dark grey or brown, but never black, and contain white markings across their torso. Fishing spiders are similar to basilisks, in that they can "walk" on water and they feed on small vertebrate fish, such as tadpoles.

Jumping Spiders

These compact, medium sized spiders take their name from the fact that they can jump an amazing distance to come into contact with their prey, sometimes leaping forwards many times the size of their aggregate body length. They are active during the daylight hours and you will tend to see them in your house in areas that are bathed in sunlight. Check your windowpanes and exposed areas of your home to see if you can see any of these cute fellows. They can be quite shy, however, and will tend to run away from any human interaction. Make sure to check out how they run whenever you see them. They have a strange gait and are able to run both backwards and sideways with great ease.

Many people tend to fear spiders, but the fact of the matter is, most spiders are quite harmless to humans and many humans can enjoy a symbiotic relationship with spiders. If you notice these spiders in your home, know that they won't hurt you. However, if you are infested with spiders, you should contact a pest control company like U.S. Pest Control to help control the spider population in your home.