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Commercial Truck Drivers: 5 Ways To Improve Your Résumé

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If you're looking for work as a commercial truck driver, you need a résumé that shows a potential employer that you're the best person for the job. Recruitment agencies and hiring managers look for certain skills and qualities in candidates for truck driving jobs, so you need to make sure your résumé has all the right information. Increase your chances for every job application with the five following résumé tips for truck drivers.

Make sure you have the right license for the job

According to the job you want to do, you will need to show a prospective employer that you have the right license. Some candidates mistakenly overlook this and simply include a statement that says they have a full, current commercial driver's license. You need to describe exactly which license(s) you hold in the summary at the top of the résumé, so it's easy for a recruiter to match you to potential roles.

Make sure your license matches requirements in the state you want to work in. For example, in California, there are three commercial class licenses (A, B and C), each of which allows you to drive certain vehicles or tow certain weights. It's also important to say how long you have held your license so a recruiter can see how experienced you are.

Draw attention to your medical eligibility

In the United States, commercial truck drivers must undergo a medical examination at least once every two years. These examinations assess your fitness for duty and consider a range of conditions, including your blood pressure, vision and respiratory system.

Make sure a recruiter can clearly see from your résumé that you are medically eligible to hold a license. Highlight the date of your last examination in your personal summary, and add supporting statements in later sections that reference specific physical skills you have. For example, you could say that you are fully fit to complete a list of activities associated with the role, like balancing, climbing or lifting.

Highlight your safety record

In 2012, 317,000 motor vehicle accidents involved commercial trucks, costing the U.S. economy $99 billion. Unsurprisingly, truck companies want conscientious drivers with a strong safety record, so it's important to highlight this information on your résumé.

When describing your current role, make sure you mention your clean safety record. Some drivers forget to say that they have had no accidents, but this information is a vital part of your application. What's more, if any former employer has given you a safety award, clearly describe this achievement in your résumé, as this is a strong selling point for any driver.

Show how you added value in other roles

Employers often want candidates who can pick up extra responsibilities. For example, some experienced or senior drivers help train new recruits or carry out pre- and post-trip safety inspections. If you have experience of these extended responsibilities, it's important to include the details as part of your employment history.

In the United States, employers face a shortage of around 30,000 truck drivers. What's more, some carriers experience staff turnover in excess of 90 percent per year. As such, drivers who show that they can take on more responsibility will appeal more to recruiters, as you will show that you are are happy to make a long-term commitment to the job.

Clearly explain any gaps in your work history

Potential employers may become suspicious of candidates with unexplained gaps in their work history. A consistent, continuous employment history is always ideal, but if you have stopped working for any period, it's still important to explain why on your résumé.

Legitimate reasons can include:

  • Personal leave (to look after a sick relative)
  • Extended paternity leave to look after a newborn child
  • Study leave

In other cases, you may simply have been unable to find work for a while. Explain this on your résumé, so a recruiter doesn't have any reason to wonder why you were unemployed, and make sure you explain that you were actively seeking employment.

Competition for truck driving jobs is often high. If you want to make sure your résumé goes to the top of the pile, make sure you include all the information a recruiter wants to see. For more information about available jobs, visit http://www.montustaffing.com/