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2 Tips For Getting More Into Your Moving Truck

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After getting your house ready to sell, you might find your moving budget a little cramped. In an effort to save some cash, you might rent the smallest moving truck possible. Unfortunately, getting your belongings into the back of that van might be difficult unless you know what you are doing. Here are two tips for packing more into your moving truck, so that you can save money and protect your belongings:

1: Use the Right Packing Supplies

Although you might be tempted to gather up free produce boxes and secure them with that cheap tape you have in your junk drawer, your choice of packing supplies matters—especially if you plan to stack items in the back of your moving truck. Here are a few packing supplies that can help you to preserve space and protect your stuff:

  • Wardrobe Boxes: If you fold your clothes as you pack those boxes, you might end up with wrinkled garments that take up tons of space. Fortunately, wardrobe boxes are tall, strong containers that contain a bar at the top where you can hang your clothes.
  • Plastic Stretch Wrap: If furniture doors and drawers pop open during transport, they can take up extra room or become damaged in the back of the truck. To fend off trouble, wrap furniture with plastic stretch wrap. In addition to keeping your furniture contained, stretch wrap can also protect your items from dust, dirt, and moisture. Also, since plastic wrap can stretch more than 500% its original size without breaking, you can use it to compress stacks of linens or large stuffed animals.
  • Electronics Boxes: Instead of wrapping that delicate LED monitor with a towel and hoping for the best, purchase a specialized electronics box. These custom boxes contain strong foam cushioning to protect screens and prevent jostling.  Also, since static electricity can damage computer circuitry, electronics boxes usually contain anti-static bags that neutralize charges.
  • Packing Paper: Those packing peanuts might seem appealing, but they can take up a lot of room. However, you can cushion your items efficiently by crunching up packing paper and custom forming it around objects.

Although the price of proper packing supplies might seem like an added expense, consider the cost of replacing your items. If you stash that mug collection in a flimsy box and then use it as a base, you might find yourself shopping for cups when you arrive at your new place. However, by using the right materials, you can embark on your journey without worrying about the rigors of the road.   

2: Disassemble Furniture

If you remember the day you put together that nightstand or side table, you might not be too eager to take it apart for your moving day. Unfortunately, assembled furniture can take up significantly more space, which could reduce the amount that you can fit inside of a moving truck. However, taking things apart doesn't have to be a nightmare. Here are some tips that might make the process a breeze:

  • Take Pictures or Video: That bedframe might seem easy to take apart now, but what if you forget which screw goes where? To make things easier in the future, document your disassembly by recording a video or taking pictures during the process.   
  • Keep the Hardware Close: Instead of pooling screws, washers, nuts, and brackets together in one place, keep each item's hardware in a separate bag and then tape it to the furniture.
  • Download the Manual: For a professional tutorial, download furniture assembly manuals to your smartphone or tablet. When you unpack, you can have an expert walk you through the process instead of trying to figure it out on your own.

When you load your disassembled furniture into your truck, try to keep similar shapes together to save even more space. For example, you could stack all of your tabletops together in a pile underneath other boxes, or stash long, skinny legs upright in the corner.  

By packing your moving truck the right way, you might be able to stay more organized, save money, and make your move a little easier.  Also, you can find more packing materials that will help you conserve space and protect your items by contacting the moving company you are renting the truck from.