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5 Unique Alternative Uses For Caskets

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The use of coffins and caskets has been a traditional for thousands of years. Along with standard caskets, intricate casket designs from sites like http://www.elmwoodcaskets.com have featured gold finishes, custom fabrics, and all kinds of features. The idea of a casket design has branched beyond the typical uses. The artistic and Gothic features have become a way to decorate homes for a variety of reasons.

If you love the look of a casket, then there are five alternative uses in your own home. These projects can transform and change the way a casket is used.

Time Capsule

A casket features plenty of space and protection to create a large time capsule. Using this, you can bury a casket in your own yard by following a few tips and making the capsule useful.

  • Digging Areas: When digging a large area for a time capsule casket, you must confirm that the area is open to proper digging. Special services will tell you the best places to dig in your yard while avoiding power lines and sewage areas.
  • Pictures: The time capsule is a great way to save a moment in time with a collection of photos. You can place open photos in the casket or put in a whole album. Adding current event things like magazine issues or newspapers will also capture the time period.
  • Keepsakes: Store a collection of keepsakes in the casket. This includes toys, statues, and other items that represent the times.

Garden Bed

Another exterior use for the casket is an outdoor garden bed. The look of a casket can really add a Gothic element to a garden area. It can mix well with a variety of decorations like statues and gnomes.

To create a garden bed, the casket must be completely emptied out of the fabric elements on the inside. Often, you can purchase custom caskets that do not have any stuffing or fabric on the inside. This makes it easy to lay down a bed of mulch and soil. The outline of the casket acts as a large vase where a variety of plants and vegetables can be grown.

Storage Closet

When standing a casket up, it can be used a storage closet in your home. By installing a small bar at the top of the casket, the doors can open up and items can be hung inside. Along with a casket, this design element works well for coffins too. Coffins often feature two doors that swing outward. This acts much like a closet door.

With a little D.I.Y. work, a few shelves can be added to the casket. This makes it easy to place folded clothes or other items like shoes. Once the closet is set up, you can paint the casket design, or leave it as it was purchased.

Casket Bed

It may seem a little odd, but many people have converted a casket into a bed that gets daily use. This is more of a novelty item that is used in guestrooms of homes. Casket bed frames are sold to support the casket design. Along with traditional lining, extra cushioning can be inserted into the coffin for support.

Tree of Life Casket

Instead of a traditional casket, you can choose to bury pets or loved ones in a specially-designed casket known as the Capsula Mundi. Using a special plastic pod design, the loved one is buried with a tree seed that is built into the top of the casket.

As the years go by, the tree grows out directly from the casket as a representation for the loved one. It's a nice way to honor loved ones and can be buried at a number of different locations, including your own year.

The use of caskets has created a great expression of art and you can find all kinds of uses for them along with the ideas above.