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Besides Posting Bail, Here Are Additional Services A Bail Bond Company Provides

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Bail bond companies play an important role in getting faster release from jail after your bail has been set. They help raise the bail amount and act as a surety, promising the court you'll attend hearings and comply with bail conditions. You only need to pay them a small percentage of the bail amount, thus making the services of a bail bondsman very convenient. However, did you know bail bond companies provide additional services beyond helping raise bail money? Below is a guide on other essential services a bail bond company provides.

Link to an Attorney

Getting out on bail bond only gives you temporary freedom until the completion of the case. You need to deal with the main issue of handling the case and proving your innocence to secure complete freedom in the long run. That can be difficult depending on the severity of the accusations and the case's complexity. You'll need the services of an attorney because a bail bond agent can't help with arguing your case in court. However, they regularly interact with attorneys during work and can connect or recommend an attorney who handles your type of case. Moreover, they also know attorneys offering services for certain cases, and you might luckily get free legal representation.

Check Warrants

There are instances where the authorities issue an active warrant before making an actual arrest. A warrant can either be a bench or an arrest warrant. A judge issues bench warrants for failure to respond to summons or appear as a witness in court. On the other hand, an arrest warrant follows a criminal investigation and a probable cause of arrest by law enforcement. If you suspect a warrant against you, contact a bail bond agent before turning yourself in. They help check the type of warrant, estimate, and avail bail bond money and start processing paperwork early. That enables quick bail bond processing after the judge sets bail, preventing you from spending time in jail. 

Send Court Date Reminders

You can easily fail to attend court by simply miscalculating or forgetting the date or time you were to show up. As a result, you may face severe consequences such as bail forfeiture and the court issuing a warrant of arrest against you. However, since they provide surety for your court attendance, a bail bond company ensures you don't skip hearing by sending reminders through calls, texts, and mail. They also schedule regular meetings to confirm your availability and adherence to bail conditions. 


Besides raising bail money, a bail bond company offers services like assistance finding an attorney, counterchecking warrants, and issuing court date reminders. Utilize the services of a professional bail bond agency and make handling your case less stressful. 

For more information, contact a local bail bond company