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Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Air Conditioner Maintenance

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A functional air conditioning system can be one of the most important devices that you have for your home. Unfortunately, it can be common for new homeowners to be unsure of the steps needed to care for these devices, which can cause them to be unsure of how to maintain these systems. If you have recently purchased your first home, you may benefit from having the following questions regarding air conditioner care addressed.

Are There Benefits To Cleaning The Exterior Air Conditioning Unit?

Cleaning the exterior of the air conditioning unit may not seem like a particularly important task to do, and it can be fairly common for homeowners to overlook this form of maintenance. However, branches, leaves and dirt can become stuck in the vents of the exterior unit. If this occurs, the airflow into the unit can be drastically reduced, which can impact the system's ability to cool the home as well as causing substantial wear and tear. As a result, you should make sure to regularly inspect these vents. If you notice these materials are stuck in it, you should turn off the system and use a garden hose to clean these substances. You can help to minimize this problem from returning by placing a wire mesh over these vents.

Why Does The Air Coming From The Air Conditioner Smell Stale Or Musty?

One day, you may turn on the air conditioner to have foul smelling air blow out of your vents. Often, this odor will be musty or stale, and it can indicate that mold colonies have started growing in the ducting. These colonies can thrive in the damp and cool environment in your ducts, and when the system is activated, the air blowing over these colonies can carry spores and odors throughout your home.

Once these odors develop, repairing the issue will likely require your needing to have the ducting professionally cleaned and sanitized to remove the mold. Fortunately, it is possible for you to help reduce this problem in the future by installing a dehumidifier on your air conditioner. Many modern air conditioning systems can have a dehumidifier attachment installed to remove excess moisture from the air before it enters your home.  Additionally, you may want to upgrade to using air filters that are effective against mold spores and germs. While these filters may be more expensive than their counterparts, this may be a small price to pay to help keep your ducting clear of molds.

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