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Clever Ways You Can Use Custom Stickers To Announce The Birth Of Your New Baby

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Are you expecting a baby in the near future? If so, you are probably thinking of clever ways that you can announce the baby's birth. You're smart to be taking care of that fun detail now. Once the baby arrives you may be short on time and short on sleep. If you are considering using custom stickers to announce the birth of your new baby, here are some ideas that might help.

Straight From The Grocery Store - Turn commercially prepared cookies into announcements. For example, buy peanut butter cookies. Wrap each cookie in clear cellophane, tie a pink or a blue ribbon around the small package and add a custom sticker that says something like, "Welcome to the tiniest peanut in our family." Add the baby's name, birthdate and other pertinent information to make the announcement complete.

Another idea is to purchase boxes of animal crackers. This time, the custom sticker might have a funny message like, "There is a new addition to our family zoo." Whether it's a photograph of the new baby, a photograph of you proud parents with your baby, or siblings with the newcomer, a picture as part of the design of the sticker just adds to the fun. 

Through The Mail - Custom stickers are perfect for sending announcements through the mail, too. If you are watching the money in your wallet, even a postcard announcement would be fun for friends and family members to receive. Cut card stock into post card shapes, using blue or pink paper, and simply adhere a personalized custom sticker onto each card. Selecting a design with the baby's picture on it will make it even more endearing. Besides all of the information about the baby, add a message like, Our tiny announcement holds a huge amount of joy! 

If you want something more elaborate, create a paper frame out of card stock, glue it onto a different color of card stock and place a larger custom sticker inside the paper frame. For your customized sticker, include the baby's picture, birth information and a message like, Picture the biggest news of the year! 

The great part about ordering customized stickers is that you can come up with a design yourself, or you can make your selection from many attractive stickers that have already been created with a baby format. It's a good idea to select the design you want even before your baby arrives so that all you will need to do is add the baby's name and other information after your bundle of joy arrives. To get started on your customized stickers, visit http://www.northwestlabel.com/.